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Default Re: Simms customer service

Originally Posted by vans View Post
I am a gear wh0re of the highest order and Simms makes some fantastic stuff. That stuff also comes with a fantastically high price however and i object to paying that significantly higher price. Im like Fred in this regard, i will buy another brand at a fraction of the cost. My Redington waders have performed as well as can be expected and i could have 3 pairs for the price one a set of Simms best.

I havent had to deal with CS from anything but fly rod companies at this point. I broke the top 3" off my Sage. I sent it back and within a month i had it back good as new.

I know Simms is a premier brand in our hobby, hopefully your experience was just a fluke.
One thing to consider is that Simms is the only company building waders (and soon their jackets) in the USA. No other company does this. To stay price-competitive, Simms does have a few designs made overseas, but their GoreTex waders are all built in Bozeman, MT by hand. And the quality difference between those and imported waders is well worth the extra price if you can afford it.
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