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Default Re: Simms customer service

Originally Posted by evan_aff View Post
I recently had a very disappointing warranty experience with another company, so I can definitely empathize. I personally have been to Simms headquarters and seen their warranty department. It's literally two people, with a literal mountain of gear to go through. And from the looks of it, it was mostly gear that had just been worn out past its lifespan, not failed product.
I'll chime in.

A few years ago, I was between machinist jobs, and I took a job as an assistant manager of an outdoor sporting goods/rockclimbing company. I won't mention the name, but if anyone is curious, just shoot me an IM. Anyway, I was in the internet sales warehouse. We literally had the same setup. Two overworked, but diligent people, and mountains of returned gear to adjust and make-happy the customers. It was a horrorshow.

You would not believe the people who try to get something for nothing. People would send in stoves they'd been packing for 30+ years in hopes of getting a new one. People would buy a pair of boots, hike the Appallachian Trail, and turn them in to get new. Insulting letters, irate customers trying to bully the company into giving them new gear to replace their worn-out broken stuff - that THEY did, through no fault of our warranty. Amazing the folks who think they are entitled. With all of this junk to wade through, its no wonder that sometimes an order can slip through the cracks, and get buried at the bottom of the pile.

I guess I am just saying that when dealing with a repair department, or returns, a pleasant phone call, and a little patience gets the best results.
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