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Default Reluctant Bass -OKC

Hey all,

I'm visiting OKC and staying at the Isola Bella, which has a beautiful pond on the compound. There is a story of someone pulling out a 6 pound bass last week, so that made the pavlov bell ring, and my mouth salivated. The first two days, no bass.

However, yesterday, on the small feeder creek to the pond, I spotted 3 LARGE largemouth swimming around. I was convinced that I was going to hook up! Threw popper. Nothing. Threw egg sucking leach. Nothing but sunfish. Threw crayfish, again nothing. And not only nothing, the bass would swim right by it, or look at it and back away.

What, if anything, am i doing wrong? Is it just the wrong time of year? I highly doubt they aren't eating.

What should I toss at these guys?
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