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Default Re: Beginner: Different technique for slow rod?

There are two things needed to cast the line, note I say cast not throw, which I get the impression you are doing. One is casting arc which is the angular change of the rod during the stroke and the other is stroke length which is the distance the hand moves during the stroke. Most beginners just use casting arc using pure wrist, they do not have any stroke length. Try casting without using any wrist. Side casting is the best way to get the feel for this because it allows you to see what is happening back and front. Cast from the shoulder. You are trying to ping nice loops off the rod tip. Stop THE HAND abruptly at each end of the stroke. This allows the rod to do the only thing it can do on it's own...straighten. Once you have the feel for what you are trying to do bring the rod up a few degrees at a time and gradually turn your body 'towards the water' always working on tight loops back and front. When it all goes wrong (and it will) go back to the side and start again.

I would imagine the rod you are using is quite a soft action so will need a longer stroke length but not necassarily a wider casting arc. Be smooth.

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