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Default Re: Nikon Coolpix AW100 Waterproof Camera Review

I picked up an AW100 for a fishing trip to Belize and had high hopes. Good size, controls, easy to use menu and waterproof etc..

I liked the camera for all those reasons but found a fatal flaw...fogging.

Used the camera daily in 80 degree heat, no submersion and found the lens would often fog a few minutes after the camera was turned on. Extremely frustrating. Quite a few pictures have a big blurry spot, others slightly "fogged" depending on the amount of condensation within the lens enclosure.

A Google search shows others have had the same problem. Called Nikon on my return and they said "never heard of it, send it in for eval". Took it back to Costco instead and now I'm waiting for Canon to release it's D20.

The AW100 could be a good camera but Nikon has to address this problem.
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