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Default Re: Beginner: Different technique for slow rod?

As I stated above, 10-2 is only for a certain length of line. You cannot tell me that during a 20ft cast and a 40ft cast the rod travels the same distance and makes a proper loop. You could do both from 10-2 but you would have to add extra power to the 40ft stroke and cause a closed loop. Different length casts have to have different length strokes. Therefore it cannot possibly be the same "time" on a clock face. Clocks or for telling the time, not for casting. If he wants to become a better caster, he will forget about times on a clock and move the rod in a straight line path of the distance required to unroll the length of line he is casting. What time is it if he casts with his rod at 45 degrees or totally sidearm. The rod tip does not care what direction it is pointing as long as the 5 principles of casting are being followed.
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