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Default Re: Casting Tangles?

its been windy here in montana lately and ive been also searching how to flip a bead head leach out there with a lightning bug on the trailer without retying a mess all the time.. a newfound friend of mine in a fly shop that has been coaching me on a new lake spot that is getting hot told me to "dont false cast"... the next day i was on the river with my new 7 weight sage ds.. new to me any way..wind was 20-30 mph at times i would let the line get about two rod lenghts down stream that would be about 27 feet including rod line.. then grabbing the line up close to the guide id pull that stuff in hard lift that line off the water and force it into the wind letting go of the line after the rod is about parralel and about 3-5 feet would pull out giving me an aprox 30 foot cast into a nasty wind commind down my snout.. only problem is this works only on one side of the river..ha,ha,ha.. and man am i sore today.. but its good for an old man to get out and get a tuneup... for the other side of the river with the wind blowing down stream, im starting to hold my arm strait up, and rod tip over the other side of my body for false casts so the wind dont blow the line into my body.. seems to work ok with 5 and better with 7 weight.. dave..
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