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Default Re: Beginner: Different technique for slow rod?

The rod that you say is pointing to 10 o'clock and at 2 o'clock do not have the rod butts in the center of the clock face and therefore, the rod tips really do not point at 10 and 2. The butt rotation is NOT 120 degrees between the two rods. Place the butts together and move them to the clock center and the angle formed by the rods is much less. The 10 o'clock rod tip would move to 11 and the 2 o'clock rod tip to 1 o'clock. That is why I said there is confusion about what the clock face represents. There is the stroke path which is the movement of the rod and reel from the rear position to the forward position and there is the rod butt rotation which is the degrees of rotation on the clock face.

I purposely did not put the reel in the center on every one but drawing B. Leaving the reel in the center and moving the rod tip from 10-2 can only be done by bending the wrist and causes a convex rod tip path which has to produce an open loop. I intended to show that casting from 10-2 could be done but the entire rod must move inside the clock face and the tip could stop at the 10 and 2 but travels there in a straight line. Not what people usually do when they are taught a 10-2 stroke My drawings were meant to show why 10-2 is not the best intruction method. They were simply in response to the previous post that asked if all 10-2 casts were with the wrist.

Clock face instruction is too limited to a ceratin distance. It can show people a generality but their idea of 10-2 or 11-1 or 10-12 may be different than mine. Longer casts would requite a bigger clock. On my longest casts, I am nowhere near any 10-2. Here, we do a lot of 3/4 and sidearm strokes which do not fit into the 10-2 scheme at all.
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