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Default Re: What Did I get Myself Into!!

Originally Posted by Capt Chris M View Post
I do redfish trips, which are very similar to bonefish and see the same few things happen week after week that prevent people from catch fish.

1. Distance - must be able to get at least 40 ft, preferably 50-60 if needed. many days I spend the whole time saying "you're 5 feet short"

2. Speed - Must be able to deliver the fly in 2-3 strokes. This means you have to start with line outside the tip and, in our waters, the fly in your hand. Look up Saltwater Quick Cast on Youtube. The less false casts, the better.

3. Accuracy - many time, you anly get one shot so you need to make it count

4. Understand how to cast a loop. People can get away with a lot of bad habits when there is no wind. As soon as it blow 5mph, large open and sloopy loops collapse and distance suffers

Teach a beginner how a fly cast works. What rules must be followed to cast correctly. That way they can begin to analyze their own casts when practicing and know how to correct common mistakes. The "just move the rod like this" school of teaching does nothing to help the student know why a cast did or did not work. I get many lifelonig fly fishermen on my boat that have no idea what a loop is or how a cast works. If you come on board knowing how a cast should work, a 10 minute tuneup is easy. If not, we spend an hour or more trying to just learn the basic cast.

well todays lession was not a total loss. I started with the usual stuff 10-2 and make good stops. and got into a bit on how the line flys. he tried both my 6 and 8wt and favored the longer 10ft rod 8wt. did alot of yard casting then decided to check out the creek that borders this small ball park. his casting improved when he had a target to aim for, but im still hounding him about moving to far in his cast. lots of spin tackle habits to break. after getting wore out casting he was getting 25 ft ok, perhaps more. he did have fun and learned alot. I did find out that this bonefish trip is not guided on boat persay. I guess he knows someone going to take him to knee deep water flats, to fish. so will see waht happens. We are getting together at his 7 acre lake to cast over water in a week or so, and I hear this lake has carp ( my own interest peaked hahah) more updates soon.
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