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Default Entomology class--why did I wait this long?

Yesterday I took my first on-the-river entomology class. We started at a the dam of a local tailwater and followed the river 10 miles down from there. We stopped every few miles to seive, identify bugs, and understand why each bug type was there relative to the conditions (sun, oxygen, flow, etc). I was amazed in the drastic change in type and number of bugs in this stretch. Perhaps what was most surprising to me was the change in just the first 2 miles of the dam.

This significantly alters how I plan to fish these waters going forward. Why did I wait this long to take this simple class? I certainly don't the latin names for anything that we found today...but I know many of the common names, why that bug is present in that section of water, what fly in my box imitates the bug, and why it works. Plus, there a few flies I would never have previously tried b/c I was convinced that those bugs were not in this water.

Wish I would have done this years earlier. If nothing else, this seems like a tremendous confidence builder in fishing the "right" fly and I can focus more on presentation. Anyway, thought I'd pass along my recent experience.

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