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It will work just fine ... Get yourself a good 5-weight DT and cut it in half. You now have what will become two shooting heads. Do not further trim either head until you determine the length of line you can comforably lift into tjhe backcast - historically speaking - about 30-feet ... and remember, the keyword "overhang." That's the distance from the rod tip to the rear of the head where the running line connects. The reason is simple: the finished connecting loop in the head will be too big to pass smoothly through the guides.

For a running line, I would go with Sunset Amnesia. It's an "almost" memory-free mono and is inexpensive. Some folks even loop in a short piece of Amnesia between the line and leader butt as a "built-in" strike indicator. I think you can see that I favor loop to loop connections throughout the system.

I did a series called the Shooter's Revisited that you might be interested in reading. Follow this link:


PS. Let us know your thoughts when finished.

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