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Default Re: Ross Reel's EXCELLENT customer service....

Frank: Thanks for pointing out the difference in place of manufacture between Ross USA and Ross Worldwide. I used to know this stuff, but I've been out of the fly fishing game for about 4 years.

I'm totally in agreement with you about giving our support to companies who manufacture in US. It's also worth pointing out that most of the US companies are significant contributors to agencies and groups that promote good fishing in US waterways. I think every piece of fly fishing equipment I own is US made. That being said, if I'm paying the extra money for US-made gear, I do expect good customer service when I need it. That's why forums like this one are so get the low-down on companies' commitment, or lack thereof, to their customers.

Finally, I should add that just because I'm in a finacial sitution to buy American fly fishing gear, I understand that this is not a cheap proposition, especially for young folks just getting started. Bottom line: get the best stuff that you can afford, but also consider place of manufacture and a company's reputation.
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