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Default Bamboo hobo dapping rod build advice - some photos.

I am starting a project to build a rod out of a found piece of bamboo. At this stage I am gathering materials and strategies. I thought you guys would have some helpful input. You also might get a kick out of watching a newbie flounder around trying to build a strange and not necessarily functional fishing contraption.

The original idea was to build a simple hobo style bamboo dapping rod. I got to thinking it would be fun to wrap guides on it and fix a small length of old fly line to it for some short distance casting ability. Then I started looking at reel seats and handles.

Specs on the bamboo:
Found on the street in a pile for pick up in front of a neighbors house.
Not sure what species.
10.5' long. 1" thick at the base @9.5' it is 1/8" thick and at 10.5' probably 1/16th.

Plan so far: trim little branches off, file/sand down, treat for durability, varnish/paint/decorate, wrap guides and something to affix the fly line. I think I'll hold off on a cork grip and reel seat - I can always add those later, right?

Is there a way to treat a whole piece of bamboo to achieve better flexibility and strength?
Should I varnish? What kind of varnish and paint (decorative/camoflaging) would you recommend?
Guides: How many? What kind? What size? How far apart? - I know there are probably lots of options, but which would you choose.
Materials: What suppliers would you recommend?

Any tips, wisdom, smart alec remarks, encouragement, etc. are welcome.

This is intended to be a fun project, the ability to cast accurately and catch fish with the thing would be nice but take a back seat to the DIY experience. If nothing else I will have a funny story and a decoration for the wall in my fishing cabin which I hope to have someday!
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Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.
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