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Default Re: Bamboo hobo dapping rod build advice - some photos.

Ard, I appreciate your typical selfless sharing of wisdom.

I imagine oil will make it less brittle/more pliable as well as pretty? I had already tried some oil on one of the twigs I clipped off (Tri-Flow, not quite linseed oil!) and it seems to be bringing out the natural spots quite beautifully.

I picked up the culm off the street last fall or late summer I think, and it was already dry then. It has been out doors, but out of the rain since. I imagine it is nicely cured, right?

When you say, "so as not to promote a 'set'," are you talking about keeping the rod straight? Should I perhaps put weight at the end while it is hanging for a week?

This is such fun! I will be sure to post on my progress, and hopefully can get some video of it and I catching a fish.

Thanks again.

(edit- Wow I just noticed I am a senior member! I feel old!)
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