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Default Re: Alabama jewels...

Great report and photos! I've only seen a few photos of redeyes, and I loved looking at yours. Interesting in that in the Missouri Ozarks, there are some streams where spotted bass were not native but are in the process of invading and outcompeting the native smallmouth bass. They also hybridize with the smallies, and some of the hybrids look very similar to your redeye pics, except they don't have the white edging on their tail fins and the blueish cheeks.

Loved the shadow bass pic, too. Did you know that it wasn't until the early 1980s that the shadow bass was recognized as a separate species, instead of a variety or subspecies of rock bass? In Missouri we have northern rock bass in some stream systems, shadow bass in others, and a third rock bass species, the Ozark bass, that is only found in the Ozarks. Of the three, I think the shadow bass is the prettiest.
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