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Default Florida Lake Insect

I fish on a Florida lake and catch bluegills and crappies(called specs locally). Quite often their gullets are full of nymphs/grubs. They are a brownish red color about 1/4" to 3/8" long, and maybe a diameter of angel hair pasta. Someone said they were blood worms but all the blood worm fly patterns I've seen create a much longer fly- 1/2" to 3/4" and much more of a solid red color. There are a lot of blind Mosquitos (midge) on the lake. Since I know for sure these fish feed of these insects I want to make some patterns but I know nothing of them. Are they in the act of rising? There is no evidence of a wing case. Were the fish grubbing on the bottom and eating these insects and them came up to take my fly. The location of the natural would influence how I fished the artificial. I've used a #16 gold ribbed hair's ear in dark tan/ light brown and it has worked fairly well.
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