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Default Help Needed..New setup

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. The past years I have been freshwater fly fishing for small bass with those inexpensive fly 5/6wt reel/rod/combo that come with line pre loaded. Well I have been wanting to try saltwater fly fishing for a very long time now. So I bought myself a pflueger trion M8 10wt rod, an Okuma SLV reel 10/11wt (nothing fancy to start out) ...Now I have know clue besides knowing that I need 10wt line what I need to purchase. I will be fishing for redfish, snook, and some blue water for small Mahi mahi, I want to try to hook a small dorado. . I need some info on what backing and line to use?? Your help will be greatly appreciated. I never knew how many different types of fly line and backing there were.

Thank you

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One more thing....I have not mastered fly casting completely yet ,so i need a line that would be easy to cast with my setup.
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