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Default Should I be able to cast my 3wt as far as my 5wt?

5wt specs:
St. Croix Triumph 9' 5wt Mod/fast action
Cabelas prestige or prestige plus reel (if it matters)
Cabelas Prestige plus line WF 5F
I suck at casting, I cant get anywhere near my backing (did shoot some line and almost hit backing one day) but for my fishing I feel my casting is proficient.

I was out today testing my new

Winston GVX 7'6" 3wt Fast action (pending I didnt sevearly mess up while building it)
Ross Flyrise reel (if it matters again)
Allen 3wt Double taper line.

I could not for the life of me cast very far, I dont want to guesstimate because I suck at guessing but I want to say my best cast was MAYBE 35 feet, ok so yes that is fine for spring creeks but Shouldnt I be able to cast farther? Am I just reaching the max for the rod?

With my 5wt its nothing for me to hit 50+ feet. During my flyfishing class at school my teacher wanted to challenge me so he went and stood about 70 feet away and told me to hit him. While casting towards him (uphill) I was able to shoot the line and drop it about 8-9 feet from his toes (plenty good casting for me) but with the 3wt after I get 35-40 feet of line out I loose all momentum I then either snap flys off or the line isnt keeping enough speed to stay up off the ground or out of the water. Even single hauling it (havent gotten in rhythm to double haul) I cant get any farther.

I have a feeling that it is the line, the Allen line does not smoothly slide through the guides and shooting any thing much more than 3-4 feet is not possible without a nice heavy bugger on the end. Im looking at replacing it because I found a slice in the middle of the line (first time using it too )

Sorry for rambling just trying to figure out where the problem is. If anyone can help thanks.
"A good cast is like a good whiskey- It's smooth and hits the spot" -Anonymous fly fishing guide
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