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Default Another day another forum...

Howdy fellow Fly Fishing Enthusiasts (read: Addicts),

I'm new to this site, and relatively new to fly fishing (started in July/August). What I lack in experience I've made up for by reading non-stop and joining as many of these forums as I can. I also do pretty well at making time to go fishing - winter be damned. I'm a third year law school student, getting ready to graduate without a job in one of the worst job markets in the history of this fair nation. Fortunately, I've used my student loans to get most of the fishing gear I need so I'll be ok I'm looking forward to getting to know people on the forums as we discuss, share ideas and debate issues relating to fly fishing. If anybody in the NYC area wants a fishing buddy, I am usually happy to oblige and do my best to make myself useful (flask and all). See you on the forums!
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