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Default Re: Help Needed..New setup

Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
Gonzo, just out of curiosity, where will you be fishing? I can't wait to get home to do some saltwater fishing. I just picked up a few new Rio saltwater lines for tarpon (12wt), redfish and snook (8wt), and mahi (10wt). I will likely be fishing mostly floating lines. And while the welded loop is a good indicator of the end of the line that will be attached to your leader, you can also tell by finding the end which has a thicker taper once you get a few feet into the fly line. The thinner end will be the side you attach to your backing, while the other end is the weight-forward (WF) end. This will apply with most line types, except for double taper, which will have thicker tapers at each end.
hi Gator, I fish mostly in the florida keys. I got the line on now thanks, Just realised I put too little backing
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