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Default Re: Need help with shooting line

Originally Posted by wt bash View Post
Whats happening man, that's a great bass there! Its hard to diagnose casting issues while in written form but for the bass bugs I would try a short leader of heavier mono, as far as shooting line you can try adding a haul or double haul to your casting stroke. Best bet is to check out youtube for a visual on what a haul is as its hard to explain in text. Its all a timiming thing and with practice you'll have one of those ah ha! moments where it all comes together. By the way welcome to the forum! You'll get some more in depth answers that will be more helpful than mine, but welcome to the addiction!
Thanks! That bass was fun to catch with that auto reel. I was a actually going to start to learn how to haul today after class. Hopefully that will help get the line further. Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions.

Originally Posted by randyflycaster View Post
I don't understand the problem you're having. Please rephrase. Also, the smaller the fly the easier it is to cast.

If a fly is too big for the weight of your fly line it will be difficult to cast.

Sorry, my explanation was terrible. Basically I don't know what to do with the slack line I pull from the reel that I want to shoot. When I leave it in the water and try to shoot some, the line will roll out all the way and instead of it taking the slack line with it the momentum is killed and the leader/tippet bundles up with no distance gained. Its like the tension of the water is keeping the line from going anywhere. So to correct it I tried to loop the slack line and keep it in my hand. I was able to shoot the line a little better without the water tension but the loops kept creating knots. Does it sound like a technique problem (which I would not doubt) or am I handling the line wrong?

Also I am using a 6wt line.

Thank you for the response.
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