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Default Re: Need help with shooting line

Originally Posted by Davo View Post
Welcome to the forum!! Learning to haul will definitely serve you well. You will add distance and increase shooting ability. You mentioned that your line tends to pile at the end when your casting on the water vs the lawn. The end of the line and leader piling up on you is often the result of having an arch to you casting stroke. You want your rod tip and line to travel on the same level plane. To visualize this I refer you to a post where I put up some graphics. Go here and look for my post. help with cast
Thank you for the welcome! I will get out and practice that haul today! Is the line piling resulting from having an arch the same as when the line rolls out completely straight and then snapping back causing the leader to pile? Sorry if that was confusing haha! That is a very nice visual. I will keep that in mind.
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