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Default Re: Need help with shooting line

Originally Posted by Davo View Post
Not confusing at all. The answer is no!! The line straightening out and then popping back is the result with a stop cast. The line is being stopped so all the momentum comes back. This is a result of stopping the line from shooting out. Your obviously not doing that intentionally so I'm guessing something else is wrong. The line maybe bad or your guides are messed up somehow stopping the line from shooting. You mentioned not having trouble on the grass only on the water. Are you using a sinking line? That would make the water tension on your slack greater than the lines momentum and prevent shooting line.
Okay, that is definitely my problem. I tried to say this in my original post but I guess it was poorly explained.

I have about 4 outings on the line and wiped the line down with clean water after each time. This is the line I am using:
Scientific Anglers Lefty Kreh Signature Series Fly Line, Lines & Backing, Fly Lines & Backing, Fly-Fishing, Fishing : Cabela's

Yes most of my trouble is when I am on the water. Are you supposed to let the slack like float in the water or hold it in your hand. As mentioned earlier the line seems to want to shoot better with the line held in my hand but it gets too tangled and the knots hit the guides causing the same problem haha.
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