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Default Re: Not what I wanted, but fun nonetheless...

Rock bass will take surface flies, but are much more likely to be caught on sinking stuff. Really, one of the best things you can use is a small marabou jig such as a lot of fly fishermen use in the trout parks around here, something that's about 1/64th ounce or 1/32nd ounce. White, yellow, or brown all work well. Another good "fly" to use for them is a cone-head woolybugger, same basic colors. Rock bass will almost always be very tight to cover in the daytime...root wads and big rocks are great rock bass holders, weeds not so much.

Funny rock bass memory...when I was a kid we figured out how to "sight fish" for them at night. We'd wade small, very clear creeks with a really bright flashlight and a short rod baited with worms. We'd spot the rock bass with the flashlight--they hold still when the light hits them. Then we'd carefully lower the hook with worm on it until it was right in front of their "nose", and then turn off the light. As soon as the light went out, the rock bass would take the worm! Don't know whether it was legal or not...I suppose it was, since we were only using the light above water (legal) and catching the fish on hook and line in the mouth (legal). But it somehow didn't seem fair!
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