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Default Re: Need help with shooting line

I have been trying the o-ring method for a couple of days now but it still seems like something is off. Whether it is my technique (which it probably is) or my rod is another question. I have been trying to watch my technique and it seems like I am getting decent loops. You mentioned that if the fly bounces back the there is still some extra energy which can be used to shoot the line, however, when I let go of the line it only shoots maybe a foot and then the fly bounces back again. Usually I can catch it in time and keep false casting and shooting a foot at a time but it gets tiring and sometimes space is limited.

Also I tried hauling a couple of times and when I pull downwards with my line hand it just kills all momentum. Back to the drawing board I guess!

ALSO on a better note I am getting a lot better with my roll casts. I got 4 crappie yesterday using it!

Silver I appreciate the reply a ton!
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