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Default TFO BVK 8 ft 3 wt, and the conversion kit

I have been fishing this past week with a new toy. I bought an 8 ft 3wt TFO BVK rod and in and of itself its a fantastic rod for smaller waters. I also pruchased the two piece conversion kit that turns the 8 ft rod into an 11 ft Czech Nymphing machine. The ros is incredilbly light weight as all BVK's are. Compared to my 9 ft 5 wt BVK, the 3wt has a much slower more progressive flex, but I still consider it more towards the fast end of the spectrum.

In the 8ft configuration I used it on some very small trickles for mountain brookies here in South Western PA. It lays down a Rio WF-3-F line extremely delicately, and handled the brookies that ran up to about 11 inches very well. I took it to a near-by bigger stream that holds Rainbows and Browns, and added the two extra pieces. That 11ft rod is an unmitigated pleasure to high stick with. The light weight was wonderful. Adding the extra length also dramatically increased the power of the rod. The small full wells grip that comes on the conversion was well thought out, and added to the controllability of the rod. I landed a couple of nice bows in the 12-13 inch range, and one nice brownie that pushed 16 inches. the brown was in a deep cut with some steady current. The rod never gave an inkling of not having enough backbone for any of those fish.

I only have two wishes.....I would have liked a bit more handle than the tiny fighting butt it comes installed with. A 3 or 4 inch butt would provide more of a brace to run along the forearm, but with the lightness of the rod, its a tiny inconvenience at best. The other wish is that they make a case specially designed to hold the two piece extensions. Something very light and small diameter so that it would be easy to carry on the stream.

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