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Default Re: Angeles National Forest?

Originally Posted by marsone View Post
hi all,

Been having some great discussion with tightline - man is a legend!

Could I direct you guys to this link.....

Angeles National Forest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Third picture down - where half of LA is playing in the water.... Are these sections worth a shot? Don't look particularly trouty from my experience - my thinking is I'd be better off heading way further up.

But then I'm hearing to head to the East fork of San Gabriel - and these are the pics that come up with an internet search.

Love to hear some thoughts,

Cheers guys
Ha! yeah thats pretty much summer on the east fork, but thats usually right below the parking and a bit down stream. In the winter spring and durring the week you can fish that spot(i did sunday), but summer weekend head up stream. I would suggest going all the way past "the bridge to nowhere" which is basically the "main attraction" for hikers on the east fork. Its also where folks bungie jump year round with a company called American bungie. But anyways, the bridge is about 5 miles from the trail head, i would go maybe another mile past that, you will at most see a total of 10 folks (mostly gold panners) past the bridge. I go up and camp past the bridge a few times a year just to hang out and now to fly fish (just picked it up this year). Be warned though, gets hot with little shade, and we are creeping into that time of the year again. so if you want to avoid weekend crowds all together past the bridge is the way to go. If you dont mind a few people here and there, just hike 2-3 miles in, it will substantially thin the crowds... Good Luck!
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