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Default Re: Should I be able to cast my 3wt as far as my 5wt?

Heres my update, I'm frustrated.

The new line is an improvement, the rod definately feels like it is loading more (i can feel it a lot better than before) I am able to get a bit more distance (I was hitting the bushes behind me that I hit with the 5wt)

But I am having an extemely hard time adjusting to the action. I try nice steady slower paced start, accelerating, stopping, then as I feel the rod loading I start my nice start again slowly accelrating and I cant keep the line up off the ground, its loosing all of its momentum and energy.

I try speeding it up a bit (while keeping slower start with acceleration) and just get a wavy blob of line, still feel like I am trying to force the rod. How do I get more speed without forcing the rod? The rod just feels so noodley that I think im trying to make up for it in strength (even though if I try to let the rod do the work I cant keep the line off the ground.)

I wish I could take a class (or get a good video camera), Ive had no formal training its all just been my own time on the river with trial and error and the desire to hit that pocket of fish that is just a bit out of my casting range. Im so used to my big fat beefy 5wt that I can force a bit and really get the line to go that I cant find the speed for the 3wt.
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