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Default Skimmer snails

Well I gave it a shot and they didn't turn out too bad. Need to work on tying in the foam in front over the peacock.

These are tied on a size 10 curved shank nymph hook. Body is wrapped with heavy thread for taper, thanks again for all who helped me out there. Left and bottom ones are Larva Lace Body material, right is Larva Lace Body Stuff. Head is peacock herl and wing is black HD foam cut into a raindrop shape. Pretty simple really.

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

After searching for snail patterns and reading a lot I didn't see a pattern that looked like the snails I have had in my aquariums "skimming" the surface. It is very odd to watch but they actually do this and not just small ones.

This was an attempt to replicate the rams horn type snails that I find in fish around here a lot. The size is about right and they float well. The only question is will they work, hope to find out this week if I can get to the water.

Any suggestions as to where to fish them in planted lakes for rainbows? I am thinking near the bank and weed line in early morning and evening because the snails in my tanks only did this when it was dark. Any other species that eat snails it might work on?
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