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Default Re: Any recommendations for an affordable steelhead reel?

To follow up on the comment/question of webrx I'd also like to know what issues users have had with the Redington CD. I ordered the 7/8 and the 3/4 from Sierra Trading post and they are sitting on my desk right now - still in the boxes and unused. With special discounts I think I paid about $70 for the 7/8 and $45 for the 3/4. At these prices you could be a second reel for the price of a spool. Most of the feedback from forums has either been recommending another reel with few specific comments about specific issues with the CD. I have also spoken with someone from Redington and another shop owner who sells the CD. Both say that the CD is a durable reel - the only real complaint being that it is a little heavier than some other options in the market. The CD was replaced by the Rise which is supposed to have the same drag system.

If anyone reading this post has first hand experience with the CD please post your comments - good, bad or otherwise. If the feedback points to known problems/weaknesses with the product I'll ship them back and find something else - Lamson Radius perhaps.
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