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Default Re: Need Partner - Long Island Bahamas 5/31-6/6


I've been a fly fisherman for a long, long time. I've primarily fished for trout in the east but have also fished Montana extensively. I have fished for bonefish several time in the Bahamas and tarpon in Homossasa Springs.

This year I'm gearing up to do more saltwater fishing which for me is going to take some effort since I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. A trip to the coast of NC is a 7-9 hour drive although I can get to the SC coast in five hours. A week or so ago I spoke with a guide on the NC coast who guides for spinner sharks on the fly and that really got me going. Gonzo fly fishing for jumping sharks sounds like a very good time.

The bonefishing trip to Long Island is a far more civilized adventure. Having just been to Long Island in December I can say that it is a very pleasant, laid back place. One nice advantage to fishing for bones in Long Island is that the flats are close by which means no long boat rides to fish. Several guys who I have communicated with highly recommended Samuel Knowles. Everyone says they run a very good operation and are extremely nice people with which to fish.

Here is another link which gives some additional information on the Knowles operation:

Long Island Bahamas fishing and bonefishing guide.

I have posted this invitation on several sites and one response asked if my invitation was a sincere offer or one where I am packaging a deal to try and get a free trip. This is absolutely not the case. I'm going solo if no one else wants to come along. I'm getting nothing out of this other than trying to cut the expense of solo fishing and get some breaks during five days of fishing.

Anyone who might be interested should know that there are generally only a single flight per day to the out islands in the Bahamas. If you don't book a flight early you can't get there and back on specific dates. The best rates I found were through

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