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Default Itty Bitty alpine smallies, need help

I dont know why Im even fishing for these fish but the Trout rivers around me are running in flood stage and are still unsafe to wade. The nearest lake I can fish without a boat is just too far of a drive for an afternoon of fishing. This pond is about 3-4 miles from me and it is clear full of little bass and sun fish. Its close and its fun catching the little guys.

The water is still cold so they fish are hanging out right along shore going from about the surface down 2-3 feet they are deeper but arent very active that deep. I need a little fly that I can fish on the surface (quite a few were rising) or just below the surface about 8 inches. The larger bass are about 6 inches long smaller ones are no smaller than 4" (there may be bigger and smaller Im just making a guesstimate based on what Ive caught with the spinning rod.) The sun fish I am not targeting, they are smaller than 4", maybe about the size of my palm just not as tall but If they take the fly I guess they would be fun.

The fly cant have much of a tail because they are "short stroking" and only biting the tails or attacking my split shot and forgetting about the jigs/lures.

I will tie up some small buggers but not for a while because Im out of buggers, Ive already tied up a few weighted and non weighted green weenies to try but Im not sure how to fish them.

Anyone have any other small and simple flys?

EDIT: Oh and also, I wash dishes for a living, my hands have NO calouses at all specially finger tips, what is something I can do to make it so the little bass's teeth dont shred my thumb? The one little One I caught was a fiesty little devil and he flopped around, his teeth were like a cheese grater on my thumb. Ive tried grabbing behind their teeth a little deeper in their mouth but I can never hold on, as well as my biggest fear of fish is enacted, Im afraid they will shake and slip the hook making me hook myself. Would some medical tape or athletic tape solve this?
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