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Default Re: Itty Bitty alpine smallies, need help

Can you fish little nymphs sort of like a streamer?

I have no idea if the fish are stocked or not, at one time they were but I think they have become a stable population so no stocking has been done for a while (dont quote me on that) The issue is the pond is a cold water pond (fed by run off from the surounding mountains and the population is pretty big so I dont think they have had the chance to grow very big. There are decent sized ones though, about 2 weeks ago I was fishing and couldnt see anything and didnt get any to play with it but there was an Osprey that pulled a decent sized bass out. I have a feeling that the bigger ones are out in the middle where I cant quite get, might have to try the Canoe.

Ill have to pick up a few nice little top water lures and flys for them this friday, they are agressive little buggers I had a little school of 5-7 gils follow in a tube jib and all at once start attacking it and the split shot that was infront of it, all about 5 feet away from me!

Ill try the tape, I thought it might work but wasnt sure, and yes I dont fish with barbed hooks anymore. After I had one go into the webbing between my fingers I stopped using barbs.
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