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Default Re: South Carolina Question

Originally Posted by nu2trout View Post
I am planning a trip to Pawley's Island/Murrells Inlet in November (Thanksgiving) and I am wondering how the fishing might be.

I know you cannot tell me it will be good or bad, but what typically happens in this area at this time of the year? Can I expect to find reds tailing in the creeks or not, etc...

I will be fly fishing, but am open to other types IF I have to.

Hello from a "local" near Pawleys Island. By the date of your post, it's a bit late to respond.

I grew up fishing Pawleys creek. The best fishing (and fun) I've had is on the North end just trolling for flounder in an old jon-boat with a spinning outfit. I've never fly fished the area, but I'm thinking you'd do well. There's a nice little boat ramp on the mainland side. For flounder, use mud minnows with a flounder rig. Just two hooks and two minnows. Troll slowly against the tide. You'll have fun. You can also cast for spots in the same area. Cooler spring months are the best, but we've really hit them hard during warmer months as well. I'm new to fly fishing so I can't offer any advice specific to that, but hopefully this can help on your next trip South.

Give a holler next time your down if you're looking for a fishing partner.
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