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Default Re: The Scott A4 Thread

I looked at a lot of rods this year before picking the A4 8'6" 4wt. I bought it based on quality, feel and parking lot performance. On the water the rod is absolutley amazing. Yesterday I was dropping dries into about a three foot opening between logs and branches from around 30-35 feet. I wanted to hit the pool and thought I would wade over if I snagged, didn't snag once, it's just crazy accurate. I am also surprised at how sensitive it is in this length for nymphing. I typically don't use a strike indicator (this is actually the first year I've ever tried one) and once past the dead drift I am able to feel the difference between bouncing on the bottom and a strike. Caught about 10 bows/browns with nymphs and about 10 or so more on top. As others have mentioned It really can put out a lot of line if needed. I paired it with a Nautilus FWX (another great bargain at its price point) and it makes for a very balanced outfit. I would imagine the 10' would be an awesome rod as well. I debated buying rods at twice the price and really happy with my decision to buy the A4.
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