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Default Re: What is considered a far cast?

This is always an interesting one for me. Being in the rod selling business, people always want to know "how far can this rod cast?" I never have an answer for them. To me, "casting" and "fishing" are two entirely different things. When I'm fishing, unless I'm in an open saltwater environment, 60'+ casts are rarely needed. Therefore, most anglers rarely get the opportunities to really work on "distance" casting. I think if an angler can cast 50-60', you're fishing with the best of them.

Now, if we're going to talk purely casting for the sake of casting, then things change. You often have a setup that is ideal for casting, not for presenting something to a fish. So, throwing a shooting head, or heavy weight forward line like a Rio Grande, with a relatively short leader and a piece of yarn, no wind, etc... Things are going to go a lot better for you.

In an indoor, ideal situation, I've thrown a 6'6" 3wt a measured 85' with a Rio Trout LT Double Taper. In the same situation, I threw a 9' 7wt 103' with a Rio Grand floater. I can say with full confidence that I have never done either of those distances with any rod while fishing. I doubt I've ever hit 80' out on the water.

So, there you have my long winded, anecdotal explanation.
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