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Default Re: Need some help for carp!


Carp here in AZ require stealth and cunning tact!

Like others have said backstabbers, nymphs, buggers, and for me out here Simi Seal leaches are the main culprit for me. If you see em' cruising cast in front of them and let it fall. If they are mudding up the bottom a backstabber or crazy charlie in front of their path should do the trick.

Now you mentioned you see them rising(slurping) on the surface. In that case, I like to put on a small dry (stimulator, parachute adams) on stronger hooks, and cast into the middle of the group rising. With these smaller dry flies the presentation can be delicate to not spook, and just hold on for that white mouth to suck it down.

With that being said, it took me forever to finally land my first carp, and I have been hooked since. I hope your prepared for the trouble your about to get yourself into.
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