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Default Fishing new I have the right plan?

One of the things I have absorbed from posts on this forum is that you plain have to spend more time on the water to get better...makes sense. But I also want to make sure I'm spending the right time doing the right things. I'm fishing new local tailwater on Thursday (Big Thomson for trout) and here is my basic plan. Am I missing anything critical? Anything grossly out of order? Other considerations?

(1) Stop by local fly shop on Wednesday. Get an understanding of likely conditions, potentially successful patterns, etc. Purchase something from shop in exchange for information.
(2) Prep equipment night before.
(3) Upon arrival, approach river quietly. Take time to examine the river. Look for any obvious bug acitivity. Look for any obvious trout activity. (Note: I'm concerned about this part because my entemology skills are beginner at best. I know how the basic difference between mayfly, caddis, and that's about it. I cannot identify specific species and certainly could not identify types of specific nymphs that I'd find under rocks. How effective can I really be in evaluating the river conditions if this is my current level of entemology understanding?).
(4) Start fishing. My original plan is to move from downstream to upstream toward the dam--I've always read that you should fish in this direction in order to cast from behind the fish. Is that always the case, or are the instances where I should start at the dam and work down?

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