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Default Re: Leaving AK for ND

It depends on what you are after. For Pike and Bass an 8wt is best for trout a 6wt is used most often. Floating lines are seldom used. Intermediate and type 3 sink are standard (Airflow). For leader a 9'-12' overall with 10lb-12lb fluoro tippet. I don't think you will need to make much of a change. A few sinking lines and you will be good to go.

For flies big EP's, deceivers and clousers are great for spring pike. The same flies work for bass but without steel tippet you lose a lot of flies to pike. With steel bass will not take it. In early summer a lot of flies can be lost to pike while bass flyfishing. For trout we use size 8-10 Mohair leech patterns (canadian blood, canadian brown, arizona semi seal in different colors, ect), damsels, backswimmers, scuds, ect all the basic stillwater flies.
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