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Default Re: Salt Water fly cast

For some awesome distance try the rio slick shooter line 35LB. 110' if you can keep the line from tangling in ur basket 120' if the wind is blowing right. 90' is nothing for that stuff. (we have a measured casting 100' pond here) For a 9wt, ur head is about 385 grains / T11 = 35 ft. You need to be 2 to 2.5 times heavy then the rod is weighted line weight. You can make ur own heads. Its pretty easy once u know the sweet weight for your rod. Check out the AFTMA line weight charts. I use a 25.00 scale I bought from the head shop. Most of these are in grams but the conversion of grams to grains is - grams /15.43 = grains.- Admittedly though, I can't advise on floating Heads. I use the +40 Airflo for that. its awesome for turning big flies. Hopefully Ur fly shop can help. O, Airflo make a great running line foe shooting heads. Its easier to figure and use then mono with very little stretch. SA has a cut to fit integrated line out. 40.00
However, we were talking distance. The mono is great for windy days in the surf. Play with it you'll, get it.
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