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Default Re: Bugs, flies, and other insects

I've got to back up Ard on this one...

Although we have a "HEALTHY" bug population (just wait till you see the skeeters in western AK in late Aug-early Sept), the feeding going on in our river systems is mainly sub-surface. In my (admittedly) limited experience, the only fish I have caught on a dry is a copious amount of grayling with the exception of one suicidal coho. On the other hand, swinging streamers will produce for you on nearly any river system that I have had the opportunity to wet a line in. In the Fairbanks/North Pole area try a McNally Magnum or the infamous ***** Creek (opposite ends of the size spectrum) for everything from NP to grayling, char and Lake Trout in the lake inlets and outfalls.

In closing, I would definitely keep a handful of elk's hair caddis and wulff/royal wulff handy for those endearing grayling streams that seem to pop up with alarming regularity.

Best of luck and let us know how your season goes... we're a little short on regular contributers here in the AK section (and yes, I could pitch in more as well.)

Take care,
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