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Default Re: Simms customer service

I remember an earlier comment that Ard had made about writing a letter and I think I am going to go that route. I'm a levelheaded fellow but I don't always trust myself to art-i-cu-late myself properly on the spot.

I think the problem that leads to my (i believe to be) out of characteristic rantings in this thread is because I want to, and believe I can, really enjoy the products. I don't expect every product to be perfect but I hear all these stories of people treated right and I wonder what I did to **** someone off.

Regarding Simms waders, while my Redington's were off getting right I dusted off my worn to hell and back and slightly (understatement, but I usually seem to end up falling in so wet's wet) leaky G3's and it was like long lost love. The material feels lighter and more comfortable and the fit is better and the pocket is sized oh so right and right that moment I knew I was going to have to get myself a new pair of Simms.

So they haven't lost me, I just don't have anyone else to complain too. I'll write a letter and let them know I've been a bit disappointed and I hope this is the exception and not the norm but a guy can't endure it for too much longer and still be able to justify the brand.
(we all know the little lady really cares, she just pretends to be annoyed)

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