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Default Re: San Gabriel River West Fork

Originally Posted by nfsravens View Post
[...] I saw 2 Guys and 1 Kid spinning fishing at the stocking area but report no catch. I passed Bear Greek and get into the "catch & release" area. [...] When I walk back around 2:30PM, the rain has completely stopped and Sun has comes out. I saw two guys at stock area caught two fishes at the same time while one of them said "no, we got nothing.", The Trout is about 8 inches and the other unknown to me is about 5 inches. They return them back to the river immediately, Interesting. Then I chat a little bit with a Pro, wader with fly fishing setup walking from the closed gate to the stocking area.
When I almost arrived the Closed Gate, a Ranger caught me from behind asked me where I was fishing and show me something regarding about new regulation of the river. He mentioned there will be no fish stocking to the stream anymore, the nearest stocking area will be the lake in San Dimas, Bob did mentioned the Lake name but I did not remember, I have no interesting to Lake. I told him then, the whole river should be “Catch & release” to protect the environment or very soon, there will be no fish at all.
Hmmmm, interesting. I've read the DFG regs for that water twice, but I want to make sure I'm reading them right. Isn't the stocked section of the West Fork closed for the season? Shouldn't there be no fishing at all from Highway 39 to the second bridge upstream (the wild trout section)?

Also interesting that that ranger was even up there, and was talking about new regulations. Certainly, DFG has announced that they won't be stocking that river, at least not until 2010 due to the lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity. Did he say anything about changing the actual regulations and limits on fishing that water? I presume he was a USFS ranger?
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