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Default Sage Customer Service...Ugh

So after 1.5 yrs of buying gift certs from a local fly shop, I decided to to get a new Sage One; After fishing on four outings, noticed that every time I was putting in the rod Sock into the tube the sock /guides would catch on the tube. I asked the local shop here and they said they've heard the same complaints. emailed both customer service and products about the issue; no response; I call and CS tells me "we had the same issue when testing it out but with a little practice there is a great feeling of security once mastered" and the tube is much superior in many respects to our larger tubes". so they send me an email of photo of how the rod fits into the sock. just the way I've been doing , same result. I respond back asking if the warranty covers it. he responds back "yes improperly or properly. Again with practice this is a snap.? We have all done it here, like we learned to roll cast(response to me stating in email, I hope master a stream:not rod case)" The tube was designed by the leading designer in the industry, Jerry Seim and does have a trick to it, as it's not a beginners rod!" .......just had to vent here at work,thanks

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