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Default Re: Ross F1 Experience?

Originally Posted by comeonavs View Post
Also the benefits of a stout drag is the flip side of the coin of a heavier reel.

Evolution for a 6wt 4.2Oz for $299
F1 for a 6wt 5.6oz for $500
Aside from the fact that I don't need the F1 drag on my 5wt, I think the weight is spot on. On my new Sage ONE 590-4, my 5oz reel is way to light to balance the rod. I think reel companies need to actually put a reel on a rod and see what weight is really required to balance a rod that only weighs 2-3/4 oz. It is a lot higher than you would think.

For my lighter rods I am actually looking at the lower end reels such as the Ross CLA (or going up 1-2 sizes) because they are much heavier and they balance the rod better.

I hate a tip heavy rod!
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