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Default Re: Casting Issue???

Originally Posted by Funnel30
Its a Wf line. I am pretty sure its the right line, the fly shop I purchased it in is pretty well known so I would hope they would get the line right. I think the problem that I am facing is the "waiting." I think its tough to wait for 40ft of line to load up on a slow action rod. Now typically I don't fish lakes so normally I don't need the distance but I was just curious if there were any solutions. Thanks for the help.
Instead of trying to carry a long line in the air when lake fishing, I would advise you to strip off about fifty feet of line or so. Start false casting until you have about twenty feet in the air and then on your forward cast, keep the tip pointed diagonal from the water and let the line pull itself out. This is called shooting line and is much easier then trying to keep all that line in the air, especially when you are usually so close to the waters surface when fishing a lake from a tube or whatever you are using. I have found that slower action rods are great at shooting line too as they have that deep flex that puts a lot of energy into the line and releases over a longer period.
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