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Default Re: Neewbie looking for Rod/Reel advice

not familliar at all with where your at, but i use an 8wt for lake erie steelhead just for a comparison. if your fishing for trout, i like to use a 4wt. there very light and somewhat cheaper than a 7wt. if you are in that 4wt range, concentrate more on a better line than a premium reel. orvis has a 25 year warranty on thier rods, and they dont care how you broke it. i have a 4wt orvis zero gravity that i wouldnt trade for anything. i also had an orvis tls matrix, it too was pretty nice especially for the price. order of concern should be... rod, line, then the reel unless you actually need that 7wt. then you should concentrate more on the reel and drag system. hope this helps.
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