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Default Re: Fly Shops and YOU!

Yes I am! haha....The thing is no one in my family fishes at all, well atleast fly fishing they all bass fish which is to me like trying to shoot the sky(no offense to bass fisherman). And being only 20 years old, and fly fishing for two years and learning as much as possible by reading, I figure take advantage of being young and open up a fly shop, it will one be a job i can learn more about fly fishing from actual fly enthusiasts. And working in a factory for the rest of my life does not sound fun haha...So yes i am trying to figure out what people want and I figured ive posted on this forum before and all the people on here are very friendly. I love fishing and just feel like I need to spread the love. And having an actual fly shop I could teach the people in my generation and actually everyone that the more we protect our waters the more fun the oncoming generations will have!
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