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Default Re: Fly Shops and YOU!

Here in SE MN there really isnt a fly shop, at least that i know of. So it mostly a 2 hour drive to Cabelas in Owatonna, gander Mt in Rochester, etc. or order online. I know when i hit the cabelas, the words i DONT want to hear are "Alot of ppl like this" or "We sell alot of these". I want to hear "I like this" or "I own one of these and I really like it, used it last weekend at my favorite hole and it performed flawlessly" or "these are the patterns i use when im down your way". I want salesppl that KNOW the equiptment and use it and have real life, hands on reviews or advice. i really like it when one says, "yeah thats a nice reel, but to be honest this one here is just as good and costs half as much, puts a little more $$ in your pocket for line/leader/tippet".

If anyone knows of a fly shop in SE MN, let me know would ya?
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