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Default mo trout fishing

hey guys got a couple questions. I live in IL and travel to mo for trout fishing i have been going to Bennett for about five years now and just went to Montauk this last opening day weekend and had a blast. How many guys have actually completed the MO trout slam? I have noticed the most common method to fly fishing seems to be a glow ball or micro jig under an indicator, is there any secret fly you guys would suggest. I tend to fallow the crowd on the indicator fishing but I am always up to trying something new. I did catch one trout on a wooly buggar in at Bennett this year I think it was more dumb luck then anything. Any advice on streamer fishing as far as retrieving or just dead drift? What weight rod do most people use I have had both a five wt and six wt rods, I am trying to justify to myself to get a four wt. Sorry for all the questions I usually only get to go trout fishing about 5 times a year so I am trying to make the best out of it.
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